Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for a good laugh

Life has just been a bit full of serious issues both close to home and out in the greater world. Time to take a break. The comment about David Lubar's book (Sleeping Freshman Never Lie) reminded me of two other books by David Lubar that I have found to be major hits, particularly with middle school boys who do not place reading in their top ten lists of favorite things to do. (You all may know someone like this?) Hidden Talents and the sequel True Talents are huge favorites in the library. In fact, they are so popular on their own that I have not taken the time to read them yet. (They are on the "read when graduate school is over" list slated to begin this summer.) It can be hard to find humorous stories pitched at middle school boys that do not veer into silly, dumbed down humor. These are strong possibilities for that greatly over-used term; "reluctant readers".

And on another humorous note... Right before falling asleep last night I read the picture book Wild Boars Cook by Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall. (A major departure for Rosoff from her serious, beautiful, Printz award winning YA novel How I live Now) It is a hoot! Can't wait to do it as a read aloud. Hysterical pictures, great pacing, wacky and sly humor. It was a good way to end a very long, cold February day.

As life is about balance...time to go back to homework.


Paige Jaeger said...

i LOVE THE RECOMMENDATIONS for additional funny YA boy's books. I will share those with my colleagues, pronto!

hilary said...

Robin, I can't wait to check out this picture book; it sounds great!